Reservations:  702-579-1289

Weekdays 11am – 11pm | Weekend 11am – The next day is 1am

Inspired by the vibrant night market culture of Taipei and the culinary delights of Beijing’s Gui Street, Long Lane will bring the best of street snacks from Las Vegas to mainland China, Taiwan, and Asia as a whole. The Longevity Night Market is open from breakfast to late-night. The ever-changing menu includes snacks, fresh seafood, exquisite snacks, BBQ, Bubba tea, and a wide variety of cuisines.


Longxiang night market gem kitchen will be the center of the Veyron restaurant. 360-degree all-glass no corner surround, gem kitchen face casino hall, Las Vegas is the only gambling and cooking will be a new integration experience.


Reservations: 702-579-1287

11 am – 10 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 11 pm on weekends

Veyron will set a new standard for Hong Kong-style dim sum in Las Vegas. Guests can enjoy refined delicacies at lunch and dinner every day, as well as all-day dessert. The 240-seat restaurant has a private dining room and occasionally invites entertainers to enjoy live entertainment. There is a live seafood show hall in the lobby, where guests can choose from and prepare carefully according to the requirements of the chef.


Reservations:  702-579-1288

5 pm – 10 pm on weekdays and 5 pm to 11 pm on weekends

Phoenix Taiwan will present the high-end diners are now China’s most cutting-edge diet trend. Black pork, venison, abalone and a variety of delicacies will be the most professional chefs for Las Vegas, the most discerning taste buds carefully cooking. The 60-seat restaurant features a private balcony and a selection of wine companions. We believe that Phoenix will become the most unique high-end Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas.


Reservations:  702-889-8018

Working days 9 am – 11 pm | 9 am – 1 am the following day

Ladies and Gentlemen, the only tea master in Las Vegas, will choose from a variety of fine tea fields in Asia. Tea Xuan edge of the pool 24 hours a day during the day to enjoy the sun in the pool, night fell, you can share with the Friends of the private pool of tea, chat tea, sharing a comfortable life. Waterfalls, dragons, walled oak and infinity pool, where guests can enjoy the unique culture of the only tea ceremony in Las Vegas.


open 24 hours

The dumpling shop offers fast and delicious snacks 24 hours a day. Located in the casino hall of the dumpling shop has a hot dessert, soup congee, fried rice noodles, Buba tea, food for the need to start with the passengers always ready. The dumpling shop also serves a wide range of tea and coffee, and customers can enjoy a drink at any time, refreshing and refreshing. Dumpling shop with a few tables and chairs, there will be someone responsible for the customer food will be served on every corner of the hotel.